Default record view

Markdown rich text

Render type: Markdown rich text

Text value rendered for viewing as rich text, with formatting described using Markdown conventions.


In addition to text formatting, text substitutions are made for the following patterns found in the field value text. These substitutions are mainly intended to make it easier to place links to collection data in the field text, but other uses may introduced later.

  • $name followed by a non-alphanumeric character other than '_' or ':'.
  • $name:
  • $[curie]
  • $$

In the first two, name consists of a sequence of alphabetic, numeric or '_' characters. In the third pattern, curie may contain several additional characters that may occur in a compact URI (CURIE).

The final pattern is an escape sequence for inserting a single '$' into the output which might otherwise be treated as a value substitution.

The substituted values are taken from Annalist's internal "display context", which contains many values. Specific values for creating links are:

  • $HOST - URL for the host running the current Annalist site.
  • $SITE - URL path for the the current Annalist site.
  • $COLL - URL path for the the current Annalist collection.
  • $BASE: - base URL path for entities in the current collection. Use this to create links to entities in the following form: $BASE:type_id/entity_id

If no corresponding context value is found for a substitution pattern, the pattern is copied as-is to the output. Any other occurrence of $ (i.e. not part of any pattern described above) is unchanged.

Choose view

Default record view

Default view applied when no view is specified when creating a record.

This view defines a minimal set of fields that are generally presumed to be present in all records: a record Id, a record type, a short label and a comment that can be used to provide an extended description. For site data, the comment is used to populate interactive help information.

This view can also be used to change the type of a record.


Id: Entity identifier

Type: Reference to type of this record.

Label: short label used to describe this record.

Comment: longer text description of this record. Uses Markdown for formatting, with value substitutions for links, etc.