List definition

List Id
List display type

List of photographs.

Default type
Default view
'pcat:Photograph' in [@type]
List entity type
Field ref
Field ref
███░░░░░░░░░ (0/3col)
Field ref
░░░███░░░░░░ (3/3col)
Field ref
░░░░░░██████ (6/6col)
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List definition view

An entity list display definition.


List Id: list identifier.

List display type: type of list display (List or Grid). @@Grid not yet implemented@@

Label: short label used to describe this list.

Help: extended text description of this list. Uses Markdown for formatting, with value substitutions for links, etc.

Default type: Default entity type associated with this list. This is used for constructing a default record selector (i.e. all records of specified type), and also when creating a new entity from the list view.

Default view: Default view used when displaying, editing or creating records from this list view. (Note that record lists are not tied to a specific entity type. See also field List_entity_type.)

Selector: An expression that is used to select entities to be included in the list view. If not specified, a default selector is used that selects all records from the current collection that are of the indicated default record type (including subtypes).

List entity type: Type (URI or CURIE) of entities displayed using this list (including any declared subtypes). Used to determine field choices appropriate to this list view. If not specified, only those fields applicable to all entity types are displayted when editing the list definition.

Fields: Selects the fields and corresponding entity values that are included in the list display.