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"We also need to consider its digital characteristics. Our aim is to create a guitar that tells its own lifestory. But what might this include? Or more technically, what information should appear in our guitar’s ‘digital footprint’?"

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This phase of the design doesn't appear to be an event so much as a review of considerations. Modelling it as an event is probably not the right approach, but it's not yet clear what alternatives would be more suitable. So this is here as a placeholder for possible later review. For details, see the associated link.

This exploratory Digital Music Object is itself a part of an exploration about what the Carolan Guitar's digital footprint might be, and in particular how much of the footprint might be exposed to machine- as well as human- consumption

(If this stage is to be modeled as an event, I think there should, at least, be an associated person. Steve?)

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