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2013-May-14: Great Haywoodn - enginbe service
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Engine service: - dirt in fuel filter - oil is clean - losing some water from engine - maybe from pressure cap, or tube to heat exchanger? - fuel filter - replace plastic drain plug with metal for fire safety (M8?) - last service: 13-Apr-2012 @ 3530 hrs - old oil filter: FRAM PH3917 removed

New oil filter: New fuel filter: FRAM P5672 Oil used: 20/50 standard

  • After changing fuel filter, use ignition to run fuel pump to refill cartridge until ticking slows to about 1/second
  • Be aware that gas locker is potential BSS failure - new test requirements include check on integrity of locker floor. Clean and seal before BSS is done.
  • Next service, check tappets/followers

Note: BSS expires 18 Dec 2014

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