List entities with type information

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EMPlaces annotation type
Bibliographic entry
Calendar-used annotation
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Contextualized annotation
Map resource
Map resource annotation
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Place category
Place category or type
Merged place information
Place name
Place data from single source
Place type
Qualified relation
Relation type
Setting: location and period
Information source
Time period
Time span
EMPlaces annotation type view
Bibliographic entry view
Calendar view
Calendar-used annotation view
Competence value view
Contextualized annotation view
Language view
Location view
Map resource view
Map resource annotation view
Name attestation annotation view
Place view
Place category view
Merged place information view
Place name view
Place data from single source view
Place type view
Qualified relation view
Relation type view
Setting view
Information source view
Time period view
Time span view
Agent view
Person view
BIBO bibliography namespace
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DC terms namespace
EMPlaces terms
EMPlaces calendars
EMPlaces languages
EMPlaces time periods
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EMPlaces time spans
FOAF namespace
GeoNames place IDs
GeoNames vocabulary terms
Place data
Geolocation coordinates
Calendar-in-use annotation
Map resource annotation
Name attestation annotation
GeoNames data for Opole
TGN data for Opole
Wikidata for Opole
Gregorian calendar
Julian calendar (New)
Julian calendar (Old)
Opole calendar used to 1584
50.67211°N, 17.92533°E (Opole)
Current map for Opole
Map of Silesia dated 1561
Map of Silesia dated 1608
Opole current map annotation
Map of Silesia dated 1561
Map of Silesia dated 1608
Opole name attestation: Opol (lat)
Opole name attestation: Oppelln (ger)
Opole name attestation: Oppeln (ger)
Opole name attestation: Oppoln (ger)
Opole name attestation: Oppul (ger)
Opole name attestation: Opul (ger)
Opole ADM3
City of Opole (unsourced test data)
Former populated place or admin division
Administrative division
Populated place
Opole place name (pol)
Opole place name: Oppelln (ger)
Opole place name: Oppeln (ger)
Opole place name: Oppoln (ger)
Opole place name: Oppul (ger)
Opole place name: Opul (ger)
Opole place name: Opol (lat)
First-order admin division
Former first-order admin division
Second-order admin division
Former second-order admin division
Third-order admin division
Former third-order admin division
Former independent political entity
Independent political entity
Other populated place
Seat of 1st-order admin div
Former populated place
Opole relation to Opole ADM3
Opole relation to Duch of Opole
Subdivision of
Administered by
Babik, Zbigniew 2001
Behuneck, Adolf 1855
Bláhová, Marie, 2001
David Rumsey map collection
EMPlaces project activity
Heinrich Adamy, Breslau
Tomsa, Jan, 1995 Silesia
Current, as of 2018
Period 1146..current
Period 1222..1431
Period 1281..1521
Period 1281..1809
Period 1322..1417
Period 1433
Period 1454
Period 1455
Period 1477..1945
Period 1561
Period 1608
Period from 15840223
Period to 1584
Current, as of 2018
Timespan 1146..current
Timespan 1222..1431
Timespan 1281..1521
Timespan 1281..1809
Timespan 1322..1417
Timespan 1433
Timespan 1454
Timespan 1455
Timespan 1477..1945
Timespan 1561
Timespan 1608
Timespan from 15840223
Timespan to 1584
Oppeln/Opole: Die Hauptstadt der Wojewodschaft Oppeln
Wydawnictwo Śląskie

List of entities with type information

This page lists entities records in a collection along with their record types. It is intended for use when listing all entities in a collection, or when listing an entity type that has subtypes. It also provides options for entities to be created, copied, edited or deleted.

Initially, the default behaviour is to display all entities defined in the current collection, but different list options may be selected from the List view dropdown, and displayed contents may be filtered by entering a value in the Search box. To refresh the display after making any such selections, click the View button. To set the default list for the current collection to be the currently displayed list, click on the Set default button at the bottom of the page.

The displayed record types can be restricted in two ways: (1) by the list definition itself, and (2) by the link used to access the list. Sometimes, when changing list views, nothing is displayed because the restrictions do not overlap: if this happens, try selecting the All types checkbox, and then click the View or View all` button.

To create a new entity record, click on the New button. A new form will be presented allowing data values to be entered.

To copy or edit an entity record, click on the beside the corresponding entry, and then click Copy or Edit. A form will be presented allowing data values to be modified or entered. To delete an entity record, click on the checkbox beside the entry to be deleted, and then click Delete. Options to create, copy, edit and/or delete entity records are displayed only for logged-in users.

The Customize button displays a new form that allows entity types, lists and/or views to be created, modified or deleted.