List entities with type information

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List of entities with type information

This page lists entities records in a collection along with their record types. It is intended for use when listing all entities in a collection, or when listing an entity type that has subtypes. It also provides options for entities to be created, copied, edited or deleted.

Initially, the default behaviour is to display all entities defined in the current collection, but different list options may be selected from the List view dropdown, and displayed contents may be filtered by entering a value in the Search box. To refresh the display after making any such selections, click the View button. To set the default list for the current collection to be the currently displayed list, click on the Set default button at the bottom of the page.

The displayed record types can be restricted in two ways: (1) by the list definition itself, and (2) by the link used to access the list. Sometimes, when changing list views, nothing is displayed because the restrictions do not overlap: if this happens, try selecting the All types checkbox, and then click the View or View all` button.

To create a new entity record, click on the New button. A new form will be presented allowing data values to be entered.

To copy or edit an entity record, click on the beside the corresponding entry, and then click Copy or Edit. A form will be presented allowing data values to be modified or entered. To delete an entity record, click on the checkbox beside the entry to be deleted, and then click Delete. Options to create, copy, edit and/or delete entity records are displayed only for logged-in users.

The Customize button displays a new form that allows entity types, lists and/or views to be created, modified or deleted.