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Annalist demo site

Collection Id
Candidate properties
Schema definitions for terms in the Annalist namespace
Bibliographic data
Bibliography definitions
CALMA data from Sonic Annotator
Common subset of CIDOC CRM term definitions
The Carolan Guitar's story
Example provenance data for climate data sets
Concept definitions
Canal cruising log
Experimental Digital Music Object
Samples of EMLO data modelled using CIDOC-CRM
EMPlaces historical places definitions
Ethnographic notes and other stories
Journal and resource definitions
Linked data tools information from OeRC LDLD group
Catalogue of musical instruments
Namespace definitions
Tools for assembly of open evidence base
Experimental personal notebook
Catalogue of photographs and associated entities
RDF schema terms for defining vocabularies
RIOXX metadata profile example
Resource definitions
Web annotation definitions
Annalist demo site
Artivity example data for JISC RDS-CREAM project
Christopher Gutteridge

Annalist demo site metadata and site-wide values.